If you are here it is because a part of you has heard the call to journey to the Ancient Temples of Egypt to receive the rites of passage regarding our Initiation, our integration of Spirit and sacred body and the innate alignment to our better selves in service to Love.

The Sound Body Family invites you to a ritual joyous journey event as we travel for a carefully curated experience of Sacred Sound, meditation, initiation, and ritual-remembering of the old and new codes and technologies of the ancient structures of the temples.


One aspect of the collective awakening, is the return of the ancient mystery schools.

In all ancient original cultures, from Ancient Egypt, Greece, cheltic traditions, Vedic and Wiccan cultures, South America, Sumeria, Babylon and others, there were esoteric rites of passage and initiations that guided the collective community to awaken their higher self, then to awaken as an integrated self or the DIVINELY SACRED, and then to embody this as contributors to our collective evolution.


As we acknowledge our bodies as sacred vessels of light, we can step into activate and anchor the Source and Light codes in the ancient and new Earth grids as a group and in our individual DNA.

Part of our work will be to remember and re-activate the High Priests & Priestesses lineage and memories of the order of Melchizedek, Isis, the Hathors, Horus & Sekhmet with sound, silence, meditation and deep presence.

As the Great Spirit plan unfolds, the ancient mysteries of Egypt within our personal and collective remembering, are reactivated from the ancient Unity Grid transmitted from the Great Pyramid to the living temples of the Nile. This information, beaming out in all directions, towards all other ancient Sacred Sites recalibrates our bodies, soul awakening and the illuminated heart and peace for all sentient beings

Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for hearing the call.